Auto Repair Shop Payment Processing Solutions

If you own an auto repair shop, then you are a merchant, and you need a merchant account to take payments and process transactions. You might also need capital to finance expansion, payroll and to purchase inventory. We offer comprehensive products, services and solutions for auto repair shops at good rates and with excellent customer service.

We offer our products, services and solutions to auto repair shops nationwide. Your customers bring their cars and trucks to your shop, trusting that you will help them make the right decisions about repairs and maintenance for their vehicles.

Offer More Payment Options to Your Customers

Do you lose customers to other auto repair shops because you don’t take debit and credit cards?

Remember that your business goes beyond just providing repair services. The checkout process is also part of the customer experience. You might provide fantastic repair work, but if it is a hassle for your customers to pay you and get out of the shop it just might be the thing that makes them take their car to another shop the next time. Learn more about our credit card processing and debit card processing services »

PCI-Compliant Credit Card Equipment for Your Shop

Did you know that having the right equipment to process transactions for your auto repair shop can save you money?

If you want to take payments via credit card or debit card, then you need the right equipment. We offer various credit card swiping machines, including wireless terminals. We even offer a program that comes with a free terminal.

Learn more about getting the right equipment to accept payments for your business:

Take Payments Online for Your Auto Repair Shop

If you have a website for your auto repair shop, then you can save money by bundling your e-commerce transactions with your in-store transactions. Through our partnership with, we can offer you online payment processing options as well. Learn more about how we can help you take credit card payments and eChecks online, through your website »

Generate Revenue for Your Auto Repair Shop with Our ATM Products

Put a cash ATM or a Point-of-Sale Debit System in your auto repair shop and earn extra revenue.

Having an ATM on-site provides more flexibility for your customers. If they need to pay for goods and services, they can just get money out of the ATM. An ATM can also generate revenue for you anytime someone withdraws money, so it becomes a way to generate extra revenue for your business without having to do any work. Learn more about our cash ATM machines »

Enhance Your Brand with Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards

Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards are another good way to increase revenue and repeat customers.

We have an outstanding full service Gift and Loyalty Card program for auto repair shops. These alternatives to traditional gift certificates help increase awareness of your brand and encourage repeat customers for your auto repair shop. Learn more about our Gift Card and Loyalty Card program »

Small Business Cash Advance and Loan Alternatives for Auto Repair Shops

We provide alternatives to the traditional bank loan for auto repair shops.

Are you looking for ways to get around the traditional bank loan? Do you need to expand your auto repair business, buy new equipment or simply need to make payroll? Would cash on demand make a difference? We can help. If you are an auto repair shop in need of a cash advance or working capital loan, or if you have cash flow problems, contact us today to discuss our options for small business loans.

The MPS Difference for Auto Repair Shops

You are an expert in fixing cars and trucks, changing oil, flushing fluids and replacing rotors. But what about your payment processing services? Are you providing the best, most flexible options for your customers? Are you overpaying for your merchant services? When it comes to running the business side of your auto repair shop, who is helping you keep an eye on performance?

Our experienced, trustworthy staff can:

  • Review your existing credit card statements
  • Analyze payment options that you offer your customers
  • Ensure that the equipment that you use to process payments is up-to-date

If we can save you money in any of these areas for your auto repair shop, we’ll let you know. If we think that your current solutions are working for you, we’ll tell you. This is the MPS Difference.

We’re honest, up-front and have your best interests in mind, not ours. You can trust us to help you make the right decisions, the cost-effective decisions, the common sense decisions that will help improve your bottom line. This is how our service goes beyond the sale, and we keep you a customer for life!

As a member in high standing with the Better Business Bureau, we are very honored to have been selected the 2011 BBB Eclipse Integrity Awards winner. This award is only given to companies that display an outstanding level of ethics and integrity. We work hard to achieve this on a daily basis, and are committed to maintaining your trust.

If you own an auto repair shop, and you are looking for an honest, trustworthy company that can provide you with the right payment processing solutions then give us a call today at 866-758-8646. If you can’t call right now, send us an email and one of our representatives will get in touch with you.